Core SP Cart

  • 2 Locking & 2 Swivel 4-inch Twin Wheel Casters, 3 Full-Extension Drawers, Locking Bulk Storage with Sliding Drawer.
  • Built-in Easy to Grab Handles.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Nonmetal HDPE Construction.
  • Organizes, Stores, and Secures Supplies.


MRI Core Cart Extended Top with Sliding Door

TrippNT’s Core SP organizes, stores, and secure supplies. It offers three full-extension drawers and bulk storage with a sliding clear door. Its built-in handles are ergonomic and easy to grab. The sliding door and trim cart top offers a smaller usage footprint. It is constructed from a corrosive-resistant non metal rust proof polymer with robust 4-inch twin wheel casters capable of easily navigating elevator gaps and uneven surfaces. Available in 13 color variants. Ships fully assembled. All TrippNT products are made in the USA and come with a 100% Total Replacement Lifetime Guarantee.

  • Finish: Smooth, no rough or sharp edges.

  • Material: 1/2” White HDPE, 3/16” White ABS, 1/8” Clear PETG.

  • Drawer Interiors are White with Colored Fronts.

  • Product Weight: Core SP Carts: 60 lbs.

  • Internal Drawer Dimension: 11.375” x 3.125” x 15.45” (WHD).

  • Internal Bulk Storage Dimension: 12.875” x 15.75” 17.25” (WHD).

  • Ships Fully Assembled from Kansas City, MO, USA.